Pepper Canister

The Pepper Canister

The Pepper Canister Church (real name St. Stephen’s Church) was the last of a distinguished series of Georgian churches built by the Church of Ireland. New suburbs were being built on the estates of families now commemorated in the names of the streets and squares of Dublin – names like Gardener (Mountjoy), Dawson, Molesworth, and Pembroke (Herbert).

Historic parish residents included Oscar Wilde, Sheridan Le Fanu, the Duke of Wellington, W.B. Yeats, Elizabeth Bowen and Thomas Davis.

Major conservation works were completed in 2010.

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Opening Hours:
St. Stephen’s is occasionally a concert venue, but these are rare and are poorly advertised. The only way to guarantee gaining admission to the church is by attending 11 am service on the first Sunday of the month (the building is open from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm).

Contact & Pricing:
Tel: 01 676 7727
Mount Street Crescent, Dublin 2