George's Street Arcade

George’s Street Arcade

South City Markets was Dublin’s first purpose built Victorian Shopping Centre. In 1876, the Dublin (South) City Market Company was incorporated with a share capital of £200,000 and a loan capital of £50,000. A special Act of Parliament was passed, which gave the Company power to acquire the land and premises required to construct the Market and to widen and improve the surrounding streets.

Designed by distinguished British architects Lockwood and Mauson, and promoted by wealthy families with extensive property interests in the city, South City Market was formally opened by the Lord Mayor, Sir George Moyers, in 1881.

The Market was not initially popular with ordinary Dubliners, possibly because of the appointment of English architects and builders. Tragedy befell the Market on August 27th 1892 when a massive fire devastated the whole building. No one was killed but the shopkeepers lost their premises and homes overhead, and the stallholders suffered heavy financial loss as their stock was not insured. There was a flood of public sympathy for the stallholders and a fund for their relief was successfully organised.

The Centre was re-built, using local labour and craftsmen, and was re-opened in September 1894. South City Market, or George’s Street Arcade, as it is more commonly known today, has traded continuously since then. The present owners, the Layden Family Group, acquired the property in late 1992. There are about fifty tenants varying in size from Dunnes Stores to small sidewalk stalls, selling everything imaginable. The Arcade is a unique part of the Dublin shopping scene with its own very special ambience.

Opening Hours:
Mon to Wed: 9am – 6pm
Thurs to Sat: 9am – 7pm
Sun & holidays: 11am – 6pm

Contact & Pricing:
George’s Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 283 6077
Free admission